And Just Like That… Ep 9 recap: Are We There Yet?

***Warning: This blog post contains spoilers for episode nine of the HBOMax series, And Just Like That…***

Well… part of me can’t believe there’s only one more episode after this, and part of me is like… thank god.

I don’t feel like a whole heck of a lot happened in this episode, but there were some good moments.

But first, let’s talk about how we were ROBBED of seeing what was sure to be a trainwreck of Miranda surprising Che in Cleveland.

We were robbed!

They just glossed right over that whole debacle, and instead, we see Miranda and Che on a date together early on in the episode. A couple of fans approach Che and make reference to them hooking up with their friends in various cities. They also ask for a photo and Miranda offers to take it, as Che’s “girlfriend,” a title we later learn Che isn’t too jazzed about.

As the episode opens, Charlotte tells Miranda and Carrie she thinks she might finally be entering menopause since she hasn’t had her period in several months, although she isn’t suffering from those pesky symptoms the other two apparently did.

But her days of dealing with the pains of menstruation aren’t quite behind her, as her daughter Lily decides she wants to try to use tampons.

Now I don’t know what your experience was when you started using tampons, but mine was actually A LOT like Lily’s! I once went through almost an entire box in a park bathroom with a friend of mine because I could not figure out how to get that damn thing properly in there. It was very traumatic. So traumatic in fact, that to this day, when I journal or think of something difficult I need to conquer, I write or think to myself, “You can do it… like how you finally got the hang of contacts… and tampons!”

ANYWAY… Lily is having issues as well but finally gets one in. The Goldenblatts have dinner with Anthony and his new boy toy. However, dude is kicked out before he even gets a drink for saying the Holocaust was a hoax after learning the Goldenblatts are Jewish.

WHAT WAS THE POINT OF THAT SCENE? So cringe. Kind of funny when Anthony screamed “GET OUT!” though.

We also see Carrie and Seema try and fail to bribe a doorman to skip the line for a club, and we find out it’s Seema’s birthday.

“Was I just canceled by a doorman?”- Seema

Later, Carrie considers taking her wedding ring off after being asked about it by her hip neighbor, Lisette. But then she dons Big’s ring. She has plans to meet Peter, and while she shows up, she tells him she’s not ready. He tells her he still has his wife, Anne’s, last voicemail on his phone.

“Well Carrie, that’s strike 2… one more, and we’re out”- Peter

Carrie hugs him and walks away, and he says it’s the best rejection ever.

Miranda surprises Che with cookies at their apt, but Che is in the middle of writing and doesn’t appreciate the drop-in. (And to that I say… so we are supposed to believe Che was OK with her showing up in CLEVELAND, then?!) Che says Miranda is trying to lock them into relationship tropes and that it isn’t going to work and they are not dating. Miranda freaks out. “What are we doing?!” Che says they are getting to know each other. Che does tell Miranda she’s the only one they’re sleeping with right now.

“Look at me — I’m wearing overalls!”- Carrie

Carrie and Seema attend a painting event Nya has organized for a women’s shelter. Seema is my hero and says she’s going to be smoking in the distance and will write a big check — a move Carrie tried to pull but Miranda blocked her from. Charlotte and Lisa pull up in a LIMO with their kids. Lisa says it’s what came when she ordered a ride for that many people.

Also, WHAT is Lisa wearing?! Hairbrush….

Holy shit — it’s the guy (William Abdie) from Emily in Paris! He owns what he says is the hottest club in Brooklyn and it looks like there’s a little spark between him and Seema, as she’s chillin and smokin outside his venue.

Steve asks Carrie about Che. He asks her how long it’s been going on and she stumbles into some paint. And why is she wearing those shoes?!?!?! While washing off her shoe, Big’s ring goes down the sink. Carrie completely panics, but Steve saves the day and recovers it. He tells Carrie he never plans to take his ring off… “Til death do us part,” which makes Carrie, and myself, very sad.

During this time, Nya’s husband expresses doubts about not continuing to try to conceive, and they really seem at a crossroads.

Lily freaks out because she can’t find her tampon string. What ensues is a kinda funny scene of her melting down in a port-o-john that concludes with Charlotte getting her period after all in an all-white outfit.

Back at home, Carrie puts the rings away and texts Peter to ask if he wants to try strike 3.

Then she and Seema get right into a club, thanks to Seema meeting the owner outside the painting event.

“And just like that… I was up for a dance.”

I was bummed there was no preview for the finale this week?! I guess they just want to surprise us. I also heard some scuttlebutt that Chris Noth was in it and got cut, so maybe the trailer was messed up. We’ll see how this mess concludes and if there will be more to come….

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