And Just Like That… we’re back!

What do you think the over/under is on writers trying to be cutesy with the “And Just Like That…” title on their recaps??? Like I just did? Yeah, TOO MANY is the only correct answer.

But I digress. I’m back, baby! With a very specific purpose. I need to process something I’ve recently watched, so we’re all gonna do it together, OK?

Oh, right, I need to say ***SPOILERS AHEAD***

In case you’re unaware, a revival of the beloved “Sex and the City” recently dropped its first two episodes on HBOMax. The new series, aptly titled “And Just Like That…” brings us back into the NYC world of Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte (No Samantha… we’ll get to that later), and how they are navigating love, friendship, parenthood (or “aunthood”… we’ll get to that later, too!), work and life in their 50s.

I can’t really imagine having a lot of interest in this show if you’re not a fan of SATC. And if you watched either of the two films that came out when the show ended, I wouldn’t blame you for taking a pass! The first one was tolerable, but the second one was atrocious. I more or less just block it.

Sex and the City 2: This movie made about as much sense as these outfits.

I’ve had mixed feelings about the idea of AJLT since I first heard it was happening earlier this year, but subsequent articles, Instagram posts and general boredom (plus my obsession with the original — I still watch episodes of it all the time!) got me relatively hyped for it by the time it debuted last Thursday.

In particular, in an interview with Vogue that I came across about a month ago, SJP said:

“In the spring of 2020, I was talking with Michael Patrick about doing a podcast about the behind-the-scenes making of Sex and the City,” Parker, who has settled into one of Carrie’s old chairs in her living room, tells me. “And we spoke about what we were missing in the pandemic: joy, community, the experience of being together. The world of Carrie and her friends has always been about coming home, and I felt like we needed that right now.”

YES, YES, YES! The article goes on to talk about how women in their 50s should be celebrated and just as relevant as anyone (yes), and it also touched on some of the shortcomings of SATC (lack of diversity — both in the cast and the writer’s room — for one), and how that was going to be addressed. All in all, it got me excited! I began counting down the days to Dec. 9, when they dropped not just one, but TWO episodes.

And now for real, ***SPOILERS AHEAD***

When I got home from work, Luke was on dinner duty, so I cued it up.

What ensued was nearly three hours of cringe, pearl-clutching and utter devastation. More on that in my next post!

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