Almost Famous

Earlier this week, I had a tweet go viral.

I think. I’m not really sure what it means to “go viral,” but as someone with 100 followers on a good day, this was exciting.

I’ve had tweets that gained decent traction before, but they were always a silly meme or some reaction I posted as part of my live tweets of either The Bachelor or Dateline. That can happen to anyone.

But this was a little different. Even though it was a response to someone else, there was a significant reaction to what I specifically said.

Here is the original conversation that my comment stemmed from:

The discussion was on obtaining consent — verbal consent — when engaging in sexual activity. Not just sex itself, but kissing, “making out,” what have you.

Enter the “feminist next door” — @emrazz

Good lord, this lady. She deals with man babies, trolls, toxic masculinity and all kinds of fuckbois day in and day out. She takes them to task on Twitter, and I am here for it.

In this instance, you can see her suggestions about obtaining consent can still be sexy if whispered or delivered in the right context, not necessarily a “mood killer” as so many men seem to be so afraid of. (Because heaven forbid you risk killing the mood! Definitely risk doing something she doesn’t want you to do over that!)

Then this Matthew duder responded about women supposedly thinking it’s “sexier” when you don’t ask permission, and it goes from there. I simply weighed in to say, “hey, for what it’s worth, my boyfriend asked if he could kiss me, and it was super cute! I didn’t think it was lame!”

Then people went a little berserk. In a good way.

347 likes, 27 retweets and counting!

I know it’s probably because the comment was tied to @emrazz… but still. Let me bask in these never ending Twitter notifications.

Even my BFF got in on the action, and she has WAY more followers than I do.

Thanks, girrrrrl.

So actually… Luke is famous, I guess, not me.

But still. I’ve never had this much of a response to a tweet before! It’s kind of exciting. Naturally, I’m now just waiting for the calls to come in for my book deal and talk show.

I’m glad my Valentine’s not a fuckboi.

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