The Slump

The deadline for the annual fee to maintain my blog is coming up — yes, that’s right, I pay to chronicle my adulting misadventures — and I realized that today marks 3 (!) months since I’ve written a new post.

I’m in a slump.

It’s been a great summer and looks to be a promising fall. Luke and I are loving the new apartment we’re in (seriously: everything happens for a reason. Peace OUT, MPM!) and things are generally going pretty darn well. In my life, anyway. The world? Shit show.

I never try to force myself into writing anything, but now that 3 months have passed, I feel like I’m overdue. I need to write something! I’m even considering resurrecting Alyssa’s Diaries — that’s how uninspired I am. OK, no, I can be more inspired than that.

A couple weeks ago, a friend suggested I blog about smug parenting. There are for sure some smug parents out there, but not being a parent myself, I don’t know how I feel about making any judgments on that topic.

I don’t want to talk about Trump. I don’t want to talk about Charlottesville. (Sorry if this makes me an “enabler” or whatever terms people are slinging at each other these days. I care deeply without feeling that I have something valuable to contribute to the discussion at this time. And that’s the truth.)

It reminds me of the SATC episode where Carrie is in a writing slump.


At least this isn’t my job. I’d be out on the street for sure!

…Maybe I’ve just mastered adulting!


OK… you didn’t have to laugh that hard. Sigh.

I’m gonna come clean here and say I really was hoping a topic would come to me while I was rambling on like this. But alas, it still hasn’t.

So HELP ME! Suggest a topic. Tell me something that’s bugging you about the adult world or people like me who are still on the waiting list. Pretty please? Maybe I’ll give you some cheese.



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