Merry Merry

Greetings! I’m taking a little holiday hiatus from the blog, but I decided to share a silly poem I wrote to include with photos Todd and I submitted to our property management company in a holiday photo contest.

While our house is festive, I don’t know that our decorations are anything to write home about. Hence, the poem, which I thought might be a witty distraction that would secure us a win!

Todd heard from someone he knows that works at the company that they were tickled by the poem and it was being circulated… but alas, we did not win. “There’s always next year…”

Enjoy (and please forgive the spacing issues… I’m technologically challenged), and a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and yours! I can’t wait to see what 2016 brings!

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the flat
Not a creature was stirring, except that darned cat!
The Rodgers jersey was hung by the tree with care
In hopes that a Super Bowl win will be there

The renters were nestled all snug in their beds
Aglow from the Christmas lights over their heads
Between the snoring of [Todd] and the cat
I can’t fall asleep, no matter what I do, drat!
When down on the lawn I hear a sudden clatter
I look out the window to see what’s the matter
Our welcoming snowman has been overturned
Was it the wind- or something more absurd?
The moon on the lawn doesn’t show a soul
I creep down the stairs, which thankfully glow
No trace of footprints, since we haven’t had snow
If someone was there, then where did they go?
And then I hear it- steps on the roof
Not just steps, but the sound of a hoof!
Could it be, Santa, here at our house?
And then there he is, and I jump like a mouse!
“I was just passing by, when my heart filled with dread
For I saw that you have no real tree here!” he said
I let him inside, I wanted him to see
That while it’s not real, we do have a tree
A table top tree, with lights warm and bright
It sits in the window, to welcome you at night
The lights on the stairs really light up the room
We don’t want pine needles; I hate using a broom!
I led him around through our festive decor
And down to the basement to show there is more
In fact, it is there that we have our big tree
And while it’s not real, it brings us much glee
“But without a real tree, there’s no scent!” Santa said
Ah, but we just use special candles instead!
He stood there a bit, scratching his head
He reached in his coat, and my heart filled with dread
But, “I have something for you, from MPM!” was all he said
He pulled out a book, lettering in red
My eyes opened wide as I gave it a look
It’s the wonderful, fabulous Bucky Book!
“If you can’t have a tree, you can at least get a deal
Then maybe next year, you’ll spring for the real
You’re on the right track, with your lights and decor
I just think a real tree gives you much more!”
And then he was gone, just like that, in a flash
I ran back upstairs to wake [Todd], “Hurry, fast!”
But no one was there when we walked out the door
And to say I saw Santa would just sound like folklore
But I still had the Bucky Book in tow
And we looked through the deals, all the places we’ll go!
And just like that, it started to snow
We’ll have a white Christmas now, what do you know!
We went back inside to bask in the glow
No one else saw Santa, but at least I’ll always know
And then we exclaimed, looking out at the snow
“Merry Christmas, MPM! And GO PACK GO!”

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